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Our mission

N° 1 : Work efficiently to promote Agriculture

Agriculture is the main economic activity of developing countries, which also has shortcomings in terms of productivity and yield as well as information. It is important that the African people pay particular attention to this economic lever.

The challenge at this level is to modernize and popularize agriculture, make this activity attractive to young people by introducing new innovative practices.

N° 2 : Involve youth more in Agriculture

Unemployment and youth migration to the unknown are at the heart of our strategy plan. More than 10 million young Africans enter the labor force each year. Most of them work in agriculture (according to some studies, 65% of the labor force is employed in the agricultural sector which generates 32% of the GDP). Our job will be to excite youth engagement in agricultural value chains.

  • So the first challenge is to change the way young people look in agriculture.
  • The second challenge is the development of skills on the ground.

N° 3 : Produce more food and  reduce hunger

Agriculture is not only a source of food production but also a source of income for a large part of the world’s population. It plays a greater role in the fight against malnutrition, especially if nutrition is fully integrated into agricultural strategies. So our challenges are:

  • Increasing agricultural production and productivity in the face of population growth in particular, is essential.
  • Harnessing biodiversity as one of the ways to do this is to diversify agricultural production into horticulture, pulses and others.
  • Develop value chains