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Who are we ?

Agricultural Union of the African Diaspora is a non-profit organization made by Africans for Africans to improve their living conditions through Agriculture.

The aim objective is to have the necessary means to carry out the battle for the conquest of the food sovereignty of our continent.

Our structure

UNADA is composed of a Founding President, General Coordinator,  Coordinators and the General Assembly made up of all the members.

To become a member, every individual of any nationality must be of age and pay his membership fees. Member must give 40 dollars divided as follows: $ 10 for the membership card and $ 30 for the project costs.

Projects are selected by proposal and vote of members, this will be done in the forum of the website.

UNADA will have volunteer coordinators to monitor projects in each country

The coordinators are the leaders of the group. they ensure the execution of projects and the smooth running of the activities of the organization.

Decision-making procedures 

Decisions will be taken at UNADA by 51% majority vote. All members have the right to vote. Member status is for life.
In case of indiscipline of a member, the latter will be deprived of his right to vote by the General Coordinator and the Coordinators.
The voting time is 48 hours. This will be done in the forum of the website.
The status of General Coordinator is defined by the Founding President. The General Coordinator reserves the right to dismiss any coordinator who does not meet the expectations of UNADA.
The work of the Coordinators is not remunerated, although, their accommodation and transport in the interests of UNADA will be fully supported by the latter.

Project selection 
The projects are chosen by the expert committee and approved by the Executive Board.

Choice of Investment Sites
The investment sites are chosen by the Coordinators and confirmed by the General Coordinator after study.

The Choice of Foods to Grow
The commodities to be cultivated are chosen by the expert committee and approved by the Executive Board.
Initially UNADA will focus on short-term food crops and later on medium- and long-term industrial crops.

Acquisition of land
The land to be cultivated will be: Either purchased by UNADA, or rented for a fixed term.
Also, UNADA will submit to States requests for land grants to cultivate.

Redistribution of profits
The revenues generated by UNADA after cultivation and sale of products will be redistributed to all members in equal portions.
UNADA reserves the right to keep 40% of the profits for reinvestment.


Any draft amendment to the Statute will first be subject to a general vote and adopted at 51%.

UNADA’s finances are derived from membership fees.
UNADA will open a bank account in the United States in his name.
The expenses of UNADA will be made after approval of the General Assembly by a majority of 51%.
The finances of UNADA will only be used to finance the projects adopted by the majority of the members.

Our core values


The Agricultural Union of the African Diaspora is committed to acting as an honest actor by gathering all the means of its members by facilitating communication between them, in order to provide sustainable solutions to the agricultural development challenges facing African countries.
Agricultural Union of the African Diaspora will demonstrate a high level of accountability to its partners and members.


Agricultural Union of the African Diaspora will strive to build strong partnerships with diverse groups, institutions and countries to achieve common goals.